Jill Stein’s Castro Tribute a Reminder of the Elite Left’s Moral Bankruptcy

In contrast, here’s President-elect Trump’s written statement from ZeroHedge:

Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. 


While Cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve. 


Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty. I join the many Cuban Americans who supported me so greatly in the presidential campaign, including the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association that endorsed me, with the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.”

PJ Media writer Roger Simon, a contemporary of Stein, aptly refers to Castro’s death in a post titled:

Fidel Castro: My Generation’s Disgrace Finally Died

That allure, although somewhat diminished, had continued for me up until 1979 when I visited Cuba as a delegate to the First Festival of the New Latin American Cinema and got to hobnob with the likes of Nobelist Gabriel Garcia Márquez—himself a pal of Fidel’s, able to drive a swanky new Mercedes on an island filled with aging DeSotos and live in a posh finca while the proles, under surveillance by the secret police, subsisted in decaying coldwater flats with no plumbing. And with Régis Debray—the French “philosopher” who chronicled Ché’s exploits in the Bolivian mountains and became the most famous journalist of “the revolution.”

I should have been impressed. And maybe I was in a way, but not for long, because the truth was there in front of me—the reality of Cuba itself. It was—you could find no other words—a communist shithole.

After a week, I was desperate to get out, as were the mostly leftist filmmakers who were with me, one of them even a member of the sainted “Hollywood Ten.” The problem was, getting out wasn’t so easy. We were stuck for ten hours at Havana Airport waiting for our semi-illegal charter flight from Miami to be allowed to land. I don’t have to tell you that I and the rest of the group were sweating—and not just from the humid weather. Suppose we had to spend the rest of our lives in the “Marxist paradise”?

Stein, along with creepy elite journalists like Geraldo Riveraromanticize this savage butcher within a clueless, blind vacuum of moral equivalence which excuses away the cruelty he imposed on his own people. Rivera, I imagine, remains seduced as was Simon. Stein, though, presumes to lead an effort in fair democracy in her recount efforts. Only in the twisted world of the elite-left does this seem ok. 

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BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Joins Wisconsin Recount Effort; Signals Adding Pennsylvania and Michigan

From Brent Griffiths for POLITICO:

After a period of public silence about the results of the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton’s top campaign lawyer said the campaign will play a role in the Wisconsin recount initiated Friday by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. The Clinton campaign will follow the same approach in Michigan and Pennsylvania if the third-party hopeful pursues recounts in those states.

“Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves, but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides,” Marc Elias, Clinton’s general counsel, wrote Saturday on Medium

The role that Medium has played in all this is interesting as it was here that University of Michigan professor J. Alex Halderman clarified his position on a potential recount. At any rate, this Elias:

most importantly, we have monitored and staffed the post-election canvasses — where voting machine tapes are compared to poll-books, provisional ballots are resolved, and all of the math is double checked from election night. During that process, we have seen Secretary Clinton’s vote total grow, so that, today, her national popular vote lead now exceeds more than 2 million votes.

In the coming days, we will continue to perform our due diligence and actively follow all further activities that are to occur prior to the certification of any election results. For instance, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania conduct post-election audits using a sampling of precincts. Michigan and many other states still do not. This is unfortunate; it is our strong belief that, in addition to an election canvass, every state should do this basic audit to ensure accuracy and public confidence in the election.

As I speculated here a few days ago, Democrat operative were already on the ground in Wisconsin and Elias confirms as much. Now that the Clinton campaign is no longer hiding behind Jill Stein, Trump’s people can no longer stay on the sidelines and with his decision to deride a ground game, he has no assets on the ground. He will have to rely on Gov. Scott Walker’s machine.

Nonetheless, the poo-pooing by Republicans will have to end about recounts as its clear Democrats will challenge the vote in the rust belt states they let get away. And its a fight they’ve been preparing to have since Florida in 2000. 

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Wisconsin Recount: Trump’s Outagamie County Problem

The commentary from Democrat friendly sites is predictably breathless:

To accept this story from (Hortonville village clerk, Lynn) Mischkerm one would have to believe that the same error was made in four different counties, and that same error resulted in Donald Trump receiving more votes in each instance. Another conundrum is Hillary Clinton’s vote total did not change before the original numbers were announced, or after they were adjusted due to the Internet’s outrage.

The point to take away from this entire voting debacle in these little Wisconsin towns is the voter fraud was uncovered because they lazily attempted to give Trump an edge and did not anticipate their villainy being discovered. In other areas of the nation it is entirely possible that similar scenarios transpired, and the individuals involved were smoother in covering their tracks. Therefore it is vitally important for voting recounts to happen across the nation to sort out any other discrepancies which took place. The recounts may well prove that not only did Hillary Clinton win the popular vote, but that she also won the electoral college. The American people are owed, and deserve, fairness in their elections for the sake of the sanctity of the American republic.

A problem that Occupy Democrats writer Lou Colagiovanni has is that in his headline and withing his article, he is improperly using “counties” when he should be using “precincts” and in a Google search give the false impression that the incident occurred in an area larger than it is. Moreover, Occupy Democrats has a rotten record with POLITIFACT making it believable that Colaiovanni knew what he was doing.

And mission accomplished! Such propaganda spreads like wildfire in a new fake news era with headlines like this in Liberal Society:

BREAKING: Wisconsin Admits To Using Fake Votes To Help Trump Win, Spread This Like Wildfire!

And it will spread like wildfire, too.

The only traditional news reporting on the matter comes from USA Today reporter Madeline Behr:

APPLETON – See any social media posts about “voter fraud” in Outagamie County? We did too.

Don’t get worked up — it’s simply a matter of the difference between unofficial election results and official election results, said Outagamie County Clerk Lori O’Bright.

As precincts close on election night, inspectors call in their results to county officials in Appleton. Those results are then posted online right away for journalists and members of the public to view.

Those were unofficial results, which can contain errors during the rush of election night, O’Bright said. Within a few days after the election, county officials then “canvass” to ensure the authenticity of the ballots and votes. Those official results were posted on Tuesday.

Canvassing is always done after an election, not just in response to errors found in unofficial results.

In addition to the regular duties of canvassing the results, it’s not unusual for the vote-counting process to continue well after election day. In states like California, votes are still being tabulated despite the state being called for Clinton.

Some social media users questioned whether the official results were posted in response to the questions about voter fraud, but that’s not the case. All official results are posted online when the canvassing is completed. Due to Outagamie County staff members taking days off recently because of family matters, the results were posted a tad later than usual, O’Bright said.

Matters not as the one hard journalism story is swamped with Democrat friendly sites using “fraud,” “fake” and “padding.”

Team Trump’s decision to ignore the Wisconsin recount and focus on the transition is statesmanlike, but Democrats are getting a jump start on the narrative by invoking their operative termonology. How much longer Steve Bannon stays on the sideline is anyone’s guess. He risks letting this no longer be about Jill Stein and instead be about voter fraud orchastrated  on his boss’ behalf.

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Wisconsin Will Be Faced With Backlash Against Voter ID Law in Recount

Mary Spicuzza and Keegan Kyle for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel had this on November 11:

Wisconsin’s voter ID law caused problems at the polls in the city and likely contributed to lower voter turnout, Milwaukee’s elections chief said Thursday.

The city saw a decline of some 41,000 voters in Tuesday’s election compared with 2012, when President Barack Obama won broad support in Milwaukee and coasted to re-election.

“We saw some of the greatest declines were in the districts we projected would have the most trouble with voter ID requirements,” said Neil Albrecht, executive director of the city’s Election Commission.

A spokesman for Republican Gov. Scott Walker insisted that voter ID had not hurt voter turnout.

Albrecht acknowledged that some of the drop-off in turnout had to do with the candidates and less enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

But he said that four districts of the city with the most “transient, high poverty” residents experienced trouble with people struggling to meet the photo identification requirement. Previously, those voters were able to have “corroborating witnesses” vouch for them at the polls.

The Stein campaign paid for a simple recount, but the narrative will be all about disenfranchisement, voter suppression and, of course, raaaaaaacism.

So will the recount in Wisconsin be like Florida’s in 2000 and that two political heavyweights were deployed to represent the interest of the two candidates? For Al Gore it was former Secretary of State, Warren Christopher. George W. Bush asked James Baker, a former cabinet member for his father. While there doesn’t seem to be an issue for the courts right now, you know something will come up. Or will this be a battle for the PR people?

Whatever happens, this won’t be pretty.


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It’s On! Wisconsin Elections Commission in Receipt of Jill Stein’s Application for Recount

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But then again, is it Stein fronting a scam?

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Why There’s Danger For Trump in Jill Stein’s Recount Effort

It’s quietly no longer about hacking anymore. It’s about “recounting” the ballots. That’s after all what Jill Stein is paying for. While this on the surface is a Green Party show, Democrat party operatives are already on the move – not in places where Trump won, mind you – but in heavy Democrat controlled precincts of Philadelphia, Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit and Ann Arbor. Their search will be for “uncounted or rejected ballots” marked for Hillary Clinton. The Democrat Party playbook began to be written in Florida during the  brutal 2000 recount effort and it was almost deployed in 2004 until John Kerry squashed it.

In the aftermath of the recount, the New York Times was part of a consortium of news outlets which analyzed the results and recounted the ballots. Their conclusion was that Bush won, but there were problems which Democrats would seek to capitalize upon in the next election

Democrats invested heavily in get-out-the-vote programs across Florida, particularly among minorities, recent immigrants and retirees from the Northeast. But their efforts were foiled by confusing ballot designs in crucial counties that resulted in tens of thousands of Democratic voters spoiling their ballots. More than 150,000 of those spoiled ballots did not show evidence of voter intent even after independent observers closely examined them and the most inclusive definition of what constituted a valid vote was applied.

The majority of those ballots were spoiled because multiple choices were made for president, often, apparently, because voters were confused by the ballots. All were invalidated by county election officials and were excluded from the consortium count because there was no clear proof of voter intent, unless there were other clear signs of the voter’s choice, like a matching name on the line for a write-in candidate.

In Duval County, for example, 20 percent of the ballots from African-American areas that went heavily for Mr. Gore were thrown out because voters followed instructions to mark a vote on every page of the ballot. In 62 precincts with black majorities in Duval County alone, nearly 3,000 people voted for Mr. Gore and a candidate whose name appeared on the second page of the ballot, thus spoiling their votes.

In Palm Beach County, 5,310 people, most of them probably confused by the infamous butterfly ballot, voted for Mr. Gore and Patrick J. Buchanan. The confusion affected Bush voters as well, but only 2,600 voted for Mr. Bush and another candidate.

If all the ballots had been reviewed under any of seven single standards, and combined with the results of an examination of overvotes, Mr. Gore would have won, by a very narrow margin. For example, using the most permissive ”dimpled chad” standard, nearly 25,000 additional votes would have been reaped, yielding 644 net new votes for Mr. Gore and giving him a 107-vote victory margin.

Most observers feel that Gore’s fatal mistake was to only ask for recounts in four Democrat counties. They wouldn’t make that mistake again and their plans were revealed in a FOX News Sunday appearance by then Democrat operative Eric Holder. This from the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund.

But that’s the rub. Democrats are preparing to make aggressive media and legal arguments that almost all provisional votes must be counted, a reprise of their 2000 Florida rallying cry of “Count every vote.” Yesterday Eric Holder, a top official in Bill Clinton’s Justice Department, told “Fox News Sunday” that “if every vote is allowed to be cast, and if every vote is counted, John Kerry will be president within a day of that election.” Asked how he could guarantee that, Mr. Holder replied “you heard it right here” and repeated his claim.

What was Holder talking about? And how close was another recount?

Before John Kerry’s  concession speech, his running mate, Senator John Edwards, implored supporters to “just wait a little longer.” Edwards obviously knew what Holder knew. Journalist Adam Stone, then writing for a small Westchester County New York daily had this republished in The DailyKos

Bush won Ohio by a vote of 2,796,147 to John Kerry’s 2,659,664, according to the official tally.

In a series of e-mail interviews with North County News two weeks ago, Kerry spokesman David Wade spoke about recount efforts led by a team of 17,000 lawyers that could trigger the removal of President George W. Bush from office.

Since then, under mounting pressure from alternative media outlets as well as progressive voices outside the Democratic Party, Kerry issued a statement to his supporters that left open the possibility that he could obtain–through a recount–the requisite electoral votes to seize the White House.

“Any president of the United States should make it a priority to count every vote in our country because every citizen’s full faith in the democratic process is critical,” Wade responded yesterday (Tuesday). “That’s why John Kerry and John Edwards built a voter protection team of lawyers around the country, lawyers who are today monitoring recounts and the counting of provisional ballots including Ohio and New Mexico. Every vote will be counted, and we Democrats aren’t afraid to fight to protect voters’ rights.”

A Kerry victory in Ohio would give the senator enough electoral votes to seize the White House.

In another signal the Kerry/Edwards team is increasing its involvement in the recount effort, a note was posted on the campaign website yesterday that called on supporters to contribute to the Kerry-Edwards 2004 General Election Legal and Accounting Compliance Fund.

“The Federal Election Commission has just granted our request to raise funds now to cover recount expenses,” the website states. “Your contribution to Kerry-Edwards 2004 GELAC will provide the resources to make sure we are prepared to win the post election day battles.”

Democrat operatives were obviously poised and in place to challenge the vote in any state. The statements by Holder and Edwards indicated that they were aware of them, too. Knowing that the Supreme Court had slapped down cherry-picking where they wanted recounts, a state-wide strategy was created. For whatever reason, the effort never got underway. My own feeling at the time was that Kerry didn’t want to put the nation through all that again emphasizing  in his concession speech that “American is not only great, but it is good.”

Jill Stein is doing the dirty work for Democrats right now. Her unprecedented haul of $5 million in a few days isn’t coming from angry Green Party voters and the margin of victory in the three states Stein plans to contest is far less that the 130,000 Democrats were prepared to challenge in 2004. With many Democrats still convinced that George W. Bush stole two elections from them, a far more loathsome pol in Donald Trump is an easy target to rally against. What appears to be a unified voice from Democrat pundits against such an effort will quickly change if some operative uncovers “uncounted or rejected ballots’ in one of Wisconsin’s urban areas.




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It’s Begun: Jill Stein to File for Wisconsin Recount Today

From Chris Conley for WHBL:

UNDATED (WSAU) – Documents calling for a recount of the presidential election vote in Wisconsin will be filed today by the campaign of Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Her campaign said yesterday it has raised enough money, $1.1-million, to pay for the recount in the state.

Today is the deadline for Stein to notify the state election commission. A state spokesman says her lawyers have already made contact saying that a recount request will be made.

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by about 27,000 votes in Wisconsin. Stein finished fourth with about 1-percent of the vote. State law says any recognized candidate can request a recount.

Wisconsin uses a combination of computerized voting machines and scanned ballots. Other states, like Pennsylvania, use no paper ballots. The deadline for requesting a recount has already past in Pennsylvania. Money raised would be used for a court challenge.

In a departure from the breathless reporting from earlier in the week, Stein has “admitted her campaign does not have any specific allegations of voter fraud.” The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel reports that Stein’s effort is likely to become a money pit:

Stein’s fundraising goal was $2.5 million — and donors blew right past it. At that point, as New York magazine first reported, the goal spiked to $4.5 million, and new language on the donation page admitted that costs could rise higher. “The costs associated with recounts are a function of state law,” wrote the Stein campaign. “Attorney’s fees are likely to be another $2 million -3 million, then there are the costs of the statewide recount observers in all three states. The total cost is likely to be $6 million-7 million.”

As on this morning, $4.7 million has been pledged to Stein’s Green Party in what Weigel calls “the largest donation drive for a third party in history.”


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Trump-Bannon’s Machiavellian #NeverRomney Campaign

The Gingrich-Huckabee media assault on Mitt Romney was a little too savage and too coordinated for it not to be planned. Justifiably basking in glory of victory, blogger Sundance writes in The Last Refuge:

Perhaps something worth considering amid all the Mitt Romney angst, is the potential for this to be part of a more comprehensive Donald Trump/Steve Bannon strategy.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone amid CTH (his/her blog) who would opine any measure of favorability toward Romney.  Quite the contrary, no-one likes him, at all. Nor did anyone support his initial presidential bid in the primary of 2012.

However, that said, President-Elect Trump presenting Romney as a cabinet possibility -and stirring up the visual appearance of grass root opposition therein- may essentially be nothing more than putting the final nail in another GOPe legacy coffin.

The current #NeverRomney construct could simply be team Trump/Bannon finishing off the final vestiges of the establishment GOP (the GOPe), by making the opposition to the most well known member openly visible.

Then again, such an approach would imply: ♦ they knew how people would react; ♦ a great deal of foresight; ♦ and an almost Machiavellian level of strategy.

Sundance was in on Trump from the beginning and until he/she became so over-the-top in support for Trump and disdain for the rest of the opposition I was a frequent visitor. There are few bloggers who do investigative journalism as well as Sundance.

I’d imagine Steve Bannon reads Sundance’s work, too. Although if the above post were accurate, I don’t Bannon would want the truth out right now. But he won’t mind if Sundance has it right either.  The idea that Trump-Bannon would give the impression that they are embracing Romney only to destroy him and the Republican Party is believable, especially now that it’s clear Romney is twisting in the wind. Machiavellian indeed.




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So is this the plan? Get Jill Stein to ask for the recount?

According to Rich McCormick in The Verge, she’s pocketed quite a bundle:

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has received $2.5 million in donations to push for election recounts in three swing states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Stein, who launched her crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday morning, hit her first requested total inside of 24 hours, securing more than $2 million by midnight ET, and reaching $2.5 million by 3AM ET.

Upon reaching the original goal of $2.5 million — the total at which Stein had indicated the Green Party would file for recounts in all three states — the campaign’s requested total increased to $4.5 million. Just before it reached its original goal, the Green Party’s campaign also changed its wording to specify that rather than being used to file for recounts in all three states, the money raised so far would be used for a proposed recount in Wisconsin only, with another two recounts still needing funding.

We’ll know where all this is going by tomorrow as that’s when the application for Wisconsin has to be in. No word yet on where Stein got the money although few doubt that some may have come from Hillary Clinton supporters. Pretty good way for the Clinton people to steer clear.

Hot Air writer John Sexton has been on this from the beginning and indicates the architect of the hacking hypothesis is looking to have it both ways now by “arguing that hacking of voting machines by Russia was possible, though he also said he believed it was more likely the pre-election polls were simply wrong.” Sexton also adds:

So at this point everyone pushing for a recount claims to be acting solely out of concern for electoral integrity, but given the timing of this announcement, the fact that it is focused on the same 3 states Halderman cited and that it mentions hacking as a concern, it’s fair to wonder if Halderman has been talking to Stein’s campaign as well as the Clinton’s campaign. Alternatively, it’s possible Stein was simply influenced by reading about Halderman’s finding. And one last possibility, maybe there some back-channel communication between the Clinton camp and the Stein camp?

The big question now is: Will the Clinton campaign piggyback on this announcement and support a recount (for the sake of “electoral integrity” of course). That would bring a cheer from progressives who are still despondent over the election results. Of course it’s also exactly the kind of challenge to the results which the media and the Clinton campaign ridiculed Trump for refusing to rule out before the election. Does Clinton really want her name associated with a late challenge that is unlikely to change the results?

There doesn’t seem to be much of an apatite for this among Democrat pundits. Writing in VOX, Timothy B. Lee’s The election probably wasn’t hacked. But Clinton should request recounts just in case  couldn’t be more tepid.  Both ThinkProgess and The Daily Kos are quite today on the matter. Perhaps they remember the savage recount battle for Florida in 2000. They lost, but it approached anarchy – an experience nobody wants to face again.



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