Sorry Chris Christie, Marco Rubio Not Always So Scripted

It’s fair to wonder what’s actually more scripted: Marco Rubio’s repeating talking points or Chris Christie’s canned attacks on Marco Rubio.

No matter, Christie is sure to be gleeful over the assistance he’s getting from the partisan democrat media right now at taking down one of the republican’s stars. If they are successful, there will be someone else soon enough. For many republican voters though, there is something unseemly about  coordinating long knives from the likes of the anointed named Bush and Christie.

Respected FOXNews media pundit Howie Kurtz finds there’s more to Rubio’s appearances:

..the Florida lawmaker also leavened his speech, and the Q & A, with humor and personality. He was amused by protestors dressed as Spider-Man and Batman and kept coming back to that, saying he would even cut their taxes. He joked that he wasn’t wearing his infamous high-heeled boots.

When Rubio spoke of the economy, he said he had “lived paycheck to paycheck.” When he spoke of student debt, he recalled having struggled with more than $100,000 in student loans. When he spoke of protecting Social Security, he said that people like his mother deserved their benefits—but that the program would go bankrupt if it wasn’t reformed for retirees a decade from now.

And he was capable of surprising. When asked about the criminal justice system, he owned up to a Washington Post report about being arrested at 18 for drinking beer in a park. While Rubio joked that he wasn’t condoning such behavior, he said he wasn’t prosecuted, but some kid who stole a belt at Macy’s could end up with a permanent record that would ruin his ability to get a job.

Rubio, along with younger generation senatorial GOP candidates Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have long been advocating for sentencing reform and badly wanted to work with President Obama on the issue. Why he didn’t is anyone’s guess, but any new republican president  would certainly sign such legislation.

Kurtz points out that reporters following Rubio know his stump speeches, but fails to point out that reporters following other candidates will tel you the same thing. Christie repeats the same lines about Rubio and never fails to mention that he was a federal prosecutor and is a governor that it reminds of John Kerry’s line that he, oh, by the way, served in Viet Nam.

For the time being, thanks to a notorious, confrontational bully in Chrsitie, Rubio will get the “there he goes again” treatment where other candidates won’t. Thankfully, there are journalists like Kurtz who are part of the  partisan democrat media. Voters who have been showing up to see Rubio this past week in New Jersey are coming away with the same impression as Kurtz.

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How Come Jeb Bush Isn’t Receiving Scrutiny For Having the Same Corporate Donors As the Clinton Foundation?

Scathing Purple Musings

Michael Goodwin breathlessly writes in the New York Post:

The (Clinton)Foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments while Hillary was America’s top diplomat, The Washington Post found. It said that at least one gift, $500,000 from Algeria, violated loose ethics rules drawn up by the Obama administration to separate her duties from the foundation.

The Wall Street Journal also found a suspicious pattern of corporate giving. General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft and Boeing were among 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during her tenure and donated a combined $26 million to the family foundation, the paper reports.

It found several cases where her lobbying of foreign governments on behalf of specific American firms came just before or after those firms made hefty donations to the Clinton Foundation or another nonprofit she created, Vital Voices. Walmart gave to both groups, and to a separate fund Clinton established…

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This is Rich: Bush Worried About Dirty Tricks From Rubio

Didn’t Bush tell Marco Rubio just last week to stop whining about all those advertisements he’s been buying to attack him? Anyway, this from Alex Isenstadt in POLITICO:

MANCHESTER, N.H. — With the hours counting down until the New Hampshire primary, tensions between the Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush campaigns are intensifying.

On Sunday afternoon, Bush campaign manager Danny Diaz convened top aides for an afternoon conference call in which he told them to expect “dirty tricks” from the Rubio campaign in the run-up to voting here, according to one source on the call.

The source said Diaz, a hard-charging veteran operative, was not more specific.

The conference call came as the Huffington Post reported that a pro-Rubio super PAC had sent out a mailer in the state that highlights remarks from Bush’s mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, that the country had grown tired of political dynasties.

The stakes are high for both candidates on Tuesday — but especially for Bush, who has made New Hampshire the cornerstone of his campaign. There is a growing sense among some of Bush’s top supporters that a less than impressive performance will make it harder for the former Florida governor to continue on his campaign.

Don’t go wobbly now, Jeb.

Especially after having your hack, Mark Murray burn through $20 million slamming Rubio to secure that 6th place finish in Iowa. What dirty tricks could Rubio possibly play on you anyhow? You’re squeaky clean, right? All those corporate, um, sponsorships which funded your education empire were totally legit. And all those Lehman Brothers checks you deposited were for God’s honest work.

No worries, Jeb.


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Jeb’s Sense of Entitlement, Arrogance on Display in Criticism of Marco Rubio

From Glenn Thrush in POLITICO:

CONCORD, N.H. – Jeb Bush is running hard here – and hitting his one-time pal and protégé Marco Rubio even harder, telling POLITICO he thinks Rubio failed the major character test of the campaign so far: confronting xenophobe Donald Trump.

“The question of confronting a challenge and sticking with it and having a backbone, if you will — he’s never been challenged in his life in that regard. He’s young,” Bush said during an interview for the “Off Message” podcast to be posted in its entirety on Monday morning — and vowed to stay in the race despite a whisper campaign by Rubio backers to nudge him out after next Tuesday’s primary here.

Though and extremely talented and accomplished, it’s doubtful anyone would have ever heard of Jeb Bush if there hadn’t been a President George Herbert Walker Bush. By anyone’s standards, the elder Bush is a great American. The WWII vet was shot down in the Pacific and became a self-made millionaire in the oil business in Texas before entering public service. Jeb Bush attended an expensive public school in Massachusetts where he was seen by some as a pothead and a bully.  After a business career in Florida, he entered politics in 1988.

Marco Rubio was born to Cuban immigrant parents and attended public schools in Miami. His father was a bartender and his mother, a housekeeper. On the way to his college degree and law degree, he amassed $100,000 in debt which he paid off in 2012. Rubio and his wife, Jeanette have four children and there is little in their lives which represents extravagance or wealth.

To say that Rubio has never been challenged demonstrates how detached Bush is from the middle class Americans. Born wealthy and entitled, Bush knows nothing of the challenges of most Americans and certainly not immigrants. He can say something he’s already prepared to make it seem as if he does, but then again, that’s what Marco Rubio does.


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Marco Rubio: “I’m Going to Say it Again”

From Jeremy Peters and Jonathan Martin in the New York Times:

LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Senator Marco Rubio on Sunday confronted what may have been the most challenging moment of his presidential campaign as his rivals seized on images of him mechanically repeating himself in Saturday night’s debate as proof that Mr. Rubio, who arrived in New Hampshire ascendant, was not ready for prime time.

Mr. Rubio defiantly told voters here that he would continue hammering at President Obama’s leadership, a critique he made again and again during the debate, inviting vicious ridicule from Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

“I’m going to say it again,” Mr. Rubio told about 1,000 people who crowded into a high school cafeteria, one of his largest audiences yet in New Hampshire. “Barack Obama is the first president, at least in my lifetime, who wants to change the country. Change the country. Not fix it, not fix its problems. He wants to make it a different kind of country.”

Christie’s angle with Rubio was called by some to be over-the-top. Though Rubio awkwardly repeated his line, he refused to back away from it later. Christie missed his point later as it would have ruined his moment. More from Rubio:

Far from appearing sheepish about his performance in the debate, in which Mr. Christie ridiculed his reliance on “the memorized 25-second speech,” Mr. Rubio, a Florida senator, insisted that he would “pay” to have clips of his repetitious critique of Mr. Obama rebroadcast for New Hampshire viewers.

“It’s what I believe,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.” “And it’s what I’m going to continue to say, because it happens to be one of the main reasons why I am running. I — this is the greatest country in the history of mankind because of a certain set of principles. Barack Obama wants us to abandon those principles, that he has spent seven years putting in place policies that rip them from us.”

This tweet from retired conservative talk show host Neal Boortz may help Christie understand the point a little better:

For those watching the entire debate, it was clear that Rubio rebounded extremely well and scored points on abortion and national security. On the later, he continued to show he is the most knowledgable candidate and most effective speaker. The media narrative is focused on Rubio’s flawed showing in his exchange with Chrsitie and he will need to overcome that. He’s beginning to already.

The fact of the matter is that last night, Rubio was running against Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democrats. Christie and Jeb Bush to some extent were running against Rubio. It was clear the three governors are working  in tandem to take down Rubio. His response today to Christie’s confrontational tactic is a good one.

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Marco Rubio Breaks with Jeb Bush, Says Arne Duncan Does Not Have the Authority to Grant NCLB Waivers

Amid all of the talking points from Chris Christie and Jeb Bush that Marco Rubio has no accomplishments, here is a reminder that Rubio often worked quietly within his role as a US Senator. In 2011, Jeb Bushed penned an opinion piece for Politico in which he supported then Secretary of Education Arne Duncan efforts to grant NCLB waivers to states which reached certain benchmarks favored by both Bush and Duncan. Rubio obviously disagreed. Not wanting to embarrass his friend, Rubio wrote a letter to Duncan and stated that he had no such authority, especially with respect to his desire to implement Common Core Standards. Bush didn’t mention Common Core in his POLITICO piece and never went on record until a few years later – when it became politically untenable – that he opposed Duncan’s attempt to nationalize curriculum.

It was Rubio who recognized the danger of Duncan’s power grab and Bush’s support for the federalization of education policy. Moreover, it is Rubio – and certainly not Bush – who has the resume which indicates a willingness to shrink the power and influence of the federal government.

Scathing Purple Musings

In a stunning development, Republican Senator Marco Rubio broke from the influence of Jeb Bush’s desires on education and informed Arne Duncan he did not have the power to grant waivers to states from NCLB guidelines. Here’s some of the letter published by Michelle Kirk in

As you may know, a rising number of parents, teachers and administrators from across our
nation have expressed concerns regarding the Department of Education’s recent announcements relating to the issuance of waivers from No Child Left Behind (NCLB);

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Has Jeb Bush Used Money From His Education Foundation to Pay for His Presidential Bid?

Reblogged from March 2015

Scathing Purple Musings

Writes Beth Reinhard for the Wall Street Journal:

The educational foundation founded by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush paid about $3 million in 2013 and 2014 to a public affairs firm headed by a top political adviser, Mike Murphy.

Mr. Murphy is a partner at Revolution Agency in Alexandria, Va., which ran the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s Learn More, Go Further campaign marking the 15th anniversary of the former governor’s education overhaul. Mr. Murphy is also a top adviser to Right to Rise, the political committee that has been collecting millions of dollars since January as Mr. Bush explores a potential bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

The foundation’s Learn More, Go Further campaign in 2013 and 2014 included a website and other online media, television and radio ads, and live events in Florida to promote the state’s educational system.

An $841,652 payment to Revolution Agency…

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Chris Christie Goes Jerry Springer on Marco Rubio

A quick Google search of Chris Christie Confrontation Video generates 974,000 results. He’s good at it and he knows it. Christie telegraphed his verbal assault on Marco Rubio last night. He successfully baited Rubio into repeating himself three times with a talking point – all pols have them by the way – and may have been successful in permanently damaging Rubio’s presidential campaign.

Even after a bad moment with a notorious verbal bully, this writer is still a Rubio supporter after last night . He should have been better prepared and, well, used a better talking point. And only once.

Still, the episode tells voters as much if not more about Christie than it does Rubio. The later wants to debate in a civil, gentlemanly manner. The former like it’s a telecast of the Jerry Springer Show . In many ways, last night’s Christie-Rubio exchange mirrors those between Jeb Bush and another notorious verbal bully in Donald Trump. Like Rubio, Bush seeks professional discourse, and like Christie, Trump knows he’s good at confrontation.

Most adults have had encountered people who are confrontational and nasty like both Christie and Trump. With time, we hopefully come to realize that its more about them than us.

So what is it about Christie and Trump, this need to confront,  belittle and taunt their opponents?


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Senate Republicans Beginning to Rally Around Marco Rubio

The move toward supporting Rubio began before Iowa’s stunning results. From Niels Lesniewski and Bridget Bowman in Roll Call:

Florida Republican Marco Rubio’s strong third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses could accelerate his bid to secure Senate endorsements for his presidential campaign, supporters said Tuesday.

Rubio’s campaign told Roll Call that in the aftermath of the showing in Iowa, aides have had conversations with many members of the House and Senate about endorsements.

In addition, the aide said that what was described as a handful of additional endorsements should be expected in the days ahead, with the message being that Rubio is best equipped to defeat Clinton in November.

One Senate Republican, South Carolina’s Tim Scott, announced his support for Rubio on Tuesday, bringing the candidate’s congressional endorsement total to five senators and 23 House members. Beyond the endorsements, several senators traveled to Iowa in the past few days to campaign

Rubio supporter Sen. Jim Risch of Idaho said he thought the Senate’s turn toward Rubio began before the results in Iowa became clear.

“I think there’s movement in that regard, but it was happening even before last night,” Risch told Roll Call. “It’s starting.”

Risch was among the lawmakers appearing at caucus sites in Iowa on behalf of candidates, as was Inhofe.

Republican Sens. Steve Daines of Montana and Cory Gardner of Colorado also made swings through Iowa for Rubio on Monday, a day when the Senate did not hold roll call votes.

The split between top republican GOP pols in South Carolina is interesting, with Sen. Lindsey Graham siding with Jeb Bush and Rep. Trey Gowdy and Sen. Tim Scott stumping for Rubio. The later two are expected in New Hampshire Friday.



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Rush Limbaugh Calls Rubio “a Full-Throated Conservative”

I guess the RINO label  can be unattached now from Marco Rubio. From Jesse Hill in TheHill:

“Marco Rubio is no moderate, Republican centrist,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t see Marco Rubio as anything other than a legitimate, full-throated conservative.”

“Nobody’s pure, and nobody is ever free of making mistakes,” the hard-right host added.

Limbaugh, who has spoken warmly of Cruz and Trump, also said Tuesday he didn’t think Cruz or Rubio were “gloating” after their showing in Iowa compared to Trump, saying instead it was “the establishment types.”

“Marco Rubio I really like. I like Ted Cruz. There are any number of people in this campaign, two or three people, if they win, I’d be happy,” Limbaugh continued on his program.

Conservative talk radio hasn’t always been kind to Rubio, his Gang of Eight participation on an Immigration Bill serving as a deal-breaker. Does Limbaugh’s subtle “nobody’s pure” begin healing the rift between an establishment candidate like Rubio and an angry base?

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