Last Minute RPOF and Charter School Cash Coming in to Defeat Dade Republican Libby Perez in Primary Race

It’s clear that for-profit charter schools are putting last-minute cash into the campaign coffers of chosen candidates. Another case in point is republican Libby Perez in her bid to win Tuesday’s  race against incumbent Rep. Jeanette Nunez. Have the powers even chosen  sides?

On the surface, it would appear so as evidenced by the Republican Party of Florida’s contributions to Nunez’ campaign and not Perez’. Records show that during July, the RPOF transferred over $17, 000 to Nunez campaign while giving none to Perez. This represents unprecedented favoritism. Moreover, the word is out in republican establishment circles as Nunez’ haul swamps Perez’ 8 to 1.

The usual suspects  from the for-profit charter school crowd have donated to Nunez’ camapign too.

* On 7/31/12 Nunez received $500 from charter school funded PAC Teacher, Principals and Parents United for Florida Schools

* On 8/2/ 12 Nunez received $500 from Charter Schools USA

* On the same day that Charter Schools USA made their donation its construction and development arm, Red Apple Development made a $500 contribution.

Nunez was a co-sponsor of the Parent Trigger bill on the House side last March. She was listed on a report released last summer of Florida republican lawmakers who have attended a conference of controversial power-broker ALEC. A pro-education privatization group, ALEC is suspected of writing the Parent Trigger bill that Nunez co-sponsored.

The RPOF last-minute move of cash into Nunez campaign appears desperate. The Florida representative had an ethics complaint  filed against her Friday for mailing flyers outside her district from her legislative office.

About Bob Sikes

A long time ago and a planet far, far away I was an athletic trainer for the New York Mets. I was blessed to be part of the now legendary 1986 World Series Championship. My late father told me that I'd one day be thankful I had that degree in teaching from Florida State University. He was right and I became twice blesses to become a teacher in the late 1990's. After dabbling with writing about the Mets and then politics, I settled on education.
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1 Response to Last Minute RPOF and Charter School Cash Coming in to Defeat Dade Republican Libby Perez in Primary Race

  1. JaneMiami says:

    August 13, 1776: Thomas Jefferson to George Wythe: “I think by far the most important bill in our whole code is that for the diffusion of knowledge among the people. No other sure foundation can be devised, for the preservation of freedom and happiness…Preach, my dear Sir, a crusade against ignorance; establish & improve the law for educating the common people….”

    I like Libby Perez. She’s conservative, but she is Jeffersonian in her views on education. We can’t have a stable state (or country) if we don’t invest in our intellectual infrastructure. For some reason, funding public education has become toxic to the Republican party. I am a card carrier, but I do not suffer from this affliction. I am for what ever will educate our population and, if it works, I embrace it.

    Even as our country was being forged (notice the date of Jefferson’s quote) this Renaissance man was very much concerned about educating the masses. When he was Governor of VA, he looked around for suitable mates for his daughters and granddaughters and realized that they were all undereducated ninnies. He also made sure that his daughters were educated. The two things he was proudest of were the creation of U VA and the separation of Church and State.

    Argue what you want about the role of government, but the Stanford study illustrated the concerns about this rush to privatize. Its not about Charter or Public or Private or Home schooling, folks … its about outcomes.

    If you want quality charters, then you had better raise the bar, not lower it. Otherwise you are just promoting a boom town for low-quality education as you cripple public education to make a hand full of cronies rich. Nunez parent-trigger bill … a complete disaster, by the way. How many other bad ideas will we see in the next 2 years? I am almost afraid to contemplate it.

    Focus on the kids … and get the word out about Libby. I think she’ll do a fine job.

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