Florida Tea Party Leader Leads Opposition to Common Core

Patricia Sullivan ran for  United States House of Representatives under the Tea Party banner in 2010 and has emerged as a key leader in the state’s Tea Party movement. She was in Tallahassee this week and spoke at a rally to oppose Common Core Standards. StateImpact’s Gina Jordan has more:

Patricia Sullivan home schools her kids and is concerned about the changes home school families may have to make. Students who want to go to college, she said, will have to take Common Core tests.

The two companies which produce the most commonly used college entrance exams, the SAT and ACT, have said they will tie their tests to Common Core standards.

Her work is part of a sudden turn nationally against the Common Core standards, and supporters — such as former Gov. Jeb Bush — who have been leading the effort.

Sullivan gave dozens of protesters gathered at the Capitol this week a pep talk.

“I’ve been getting alerts from organizations such as Americans For Prosperity, FreedomWorks, The Tea Party Network, The Heritage Foundation, ParentalRights.org,” Sullivan said. “Two weeks ago, the Republican National Committee came out with a resolution opposing the implementation of Common Core standards.

“So, if all of these conservative organizations have come out and are alerting citizens to the dangers and the red flags,” Sullivan said, “why is it that we have conservative leadership ramming it through our state legislature? That should cause us to pause.”

Sullivan teared up when she told the group: “At this point in the game I haven’t found a leader in our legislature yet. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a leader that was born to stand for this cause.”

Read Jordan’s stirring interview with Sullivan here.

Sullivan is essentially calling out Governor Rick Scott and the republicans in the Florida legislature. Tea Party and Libertarian displeasure for a key part of their education agenda creates real political problems for them and opens the door for moderate Democrats to pick up seats in 2014.

Moreover, Florida’s adoption of Common Core has implications in Parent Trigger. The initial roll-out of Common Core’s PARCC tests will create a massive amount of failures – one study estimated that only 25 percent of students would pass the tests. This will cause a massive increase in failing schools that would be targets for Parent Trigger


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A long time ago and a planet far, far away I was an athletic trainer for the New York Mets. I was blessed to be part of the now legendary 1986 World Series Championship. My late father told me that I'd one day be thankful I had that degree in teaching from Florida State University. He was right and I became twice blesses to become a teacher in the late 1990's. After dabbling with writing about the Mets and then politics, I settled on education.
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4 Responses to Florida Tea Party Leader Leads Opposition to Common Core

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  2. Diane Kepus says:

    Sullivan is essentially setting herself up to run for office again! Did she speak about what is wrong with Common Core or just leave the impression that she had been contacted by all those groups regarding CCS? She home schools and is just now hearing about CCS? I would be willing to bet she found out about it through all the flyers and e-mails flying around the state and if you asked her about the guts of Common Core . . . . . well!

    It is true we need to clean out Tally but we need leadership that knows how to lead and be a true Patriot, not one that thinks and professes they are one!

  3. Might come as a shock to some people, but TEA isn’t thrilled with the GOP in general. However for reasons that have little to do with education, that may not help democrats much —

    All the dire predictions conservatives made about Obamacare are coming true. The laws author, Max Baucus says it’s going to be a train wreck. Congress has apparently decided it’s too expensive to implement for employees at the US Capitol, there’s reports they’re looking for ways to waiver themselves out of it without looking like complete jackasses,, If Congress can’t afford it, no-one can, unemployment will skyrocket and the only people less popular than GOP politicians will be democrats

  4. Ro says:

    THe topic is education in Florida. ANd the CC is being foisted on homeschoolers and they are none too happy because if the schools are doing it, and they have to do the same thing, where is the choice? THe Republicans want it all ways and in FLorida, the Republicans along with Rick Scott, are going to lose, big time.It’s about time.

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