BREAKING! Three Charter Schools USA Facilities Marked For Closure For Illegal Oversight Practices in Tampa

Well, well. The Hillsborough School District versus Charter Schools USA battle just got more intense. From WTSP reporter Noah Pransky:

Hillsborough County, Florida — 10 Investigates has confirmed Mary Ellen Elia, the superintendent for the School District of Hillsborough County (SDHC), will attempt to close three schools this fall operated by for-profit company Charter Schools USA.

Elia sent 90-day warning letters to Henderson Hammock, Winthrop, and Woodmont K-8 charter schools, warning them they “have not exercised continuing oversight over the operations of these schools.”

Woodmont Charter School, a “C” school last year and home to 615 students in Temple Terrace, is led by Chairman Rod Jurado, whose LinkedIn page describes him as a management consultant who can “help improve your business processes & increase profits.”

Jurado also is the chairman at Winthrop Charter, an “A” school and home to 1,239 students in Riverview. And his LinkedIn page also indicates he is at the helm of Henderson Hammock, a “B” school and home to 874 students. However, the school’s webpage indicates Ken Haiko is the chairman, even though he is also the chairman of numerous other Charter Schools USA schools around the country.

Text of the letter to Charter Schools USA execs includes the following:

As you are aware, the district has been communicating with you since March 22, 2014, to get clarity on the governance structures at Winthrop, Woodmont, and Henderson Hammock charter schools. Although several letters have been exchanged, there has been no documentation submitted by you or the schools to explain the governance structure of the schools. The Hillsborough County Public School contract, Part 8: Governance Structure defines the requirements for the governing body of the school.

The charter holders of Winthrop, Woodmont and Henderson Hammock charter schools have not exercised continuing oversight over the operations of these schools. The governing boards have in fact allowed their educational services providers to perform virtually all of those functions and are in fact not operating these schools. The School District has made many attempts to discuss the governance structures of these schools and the schools have refused those efforts.

Emphasis mine. And such is the speculation Scathing Purple Musings made in a post earlier today regarding CSUSA’s MacDill application.




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  1. Surprised? I’m not.

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