Two Top Conservative Bloggers Offer Skepticism of Jeb Bush’s Candidacy

Though subtly. But from critical voices.

This week, two top conservative bloggers looked skeptically at Jeb Bush’s candidacy for the republican nomination. Ed Morrissey wondered if Bush had his own email problem and pointed out that Bush took seven years to comply with Florida’s Sunshine Laws to release his emails from his time as governor. Bush only complied with the laws when it became clear he is seeking the presidency. Morrissey concluded:

Still, this is yet another reason for Republicans to apply more electoral scrutiny with Jeb Bush. He might be compliant now, but why did it take his presidential ambitions to finally force that kind of compliance with the law?  If transparency is a virtue among conservatives — and it should be, as the Obama administration’s demonstration of the dangers of opacity has made clear — then Republicans have to ask whether Bush’s track record aligns with those values.

Now this from Jennifer Rubin:

Last week, a feisty Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said that “we’ll need a name from the future — not a name from the past — to win.” He observed, “There’s a lot of people who are loyal to that family because of an ambassadorship or an appointment or something like that. . . . What we’re hoping going forward are not donors of obligation but donors of passion, people who are passionate about the reforms we bring to the table.” He was speaking of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, but he could easily be talking about Hillary Clinton, whose news conference on Tuesday reminded us how shifty, imperious and, yes, old she is.

Few conservative bloggers have the readership as do Morrissey and Rubin. The former doesn’t even delve into the emails which his education foundation made on behalf of his corporate sponsors to state departments of education. Rubin doesn’t mention that Bush’s foundation has taken cash from the same corporations as has the Clinton Foundation.

Desperate to defend Hillary Clinton this morning over her failure to properly handle her emails as secretary of state, democrats were quick to point out that Bush has his own problems. And its a problem for Bush when top conservative bloggers are saying the same thing.




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One Response to Two Top Conservative Bloggers Offer Skepticism of Jeb Bush’s Candidacy

  1. I’ll disagree on a minor point, Rubin’s not a conservative, she’s nothing but a mouthpiece for the GOP Establishment. Notice she deflected Walker’s Briticism of Bush towards Clinton.. She’s been pimping Bush for months.

    A better large scale gauge of Bush’s popularity among conservatives might be the comments Redstate, Brietbart or the Daily Caller. I can save the trouble, Bush is about as popular among Conservatives as a swarm of yellow jackets at an outdoor beer fest.

    He is popular with Chamber of Commerce owned establishment republican political class and the Chamber of Commerce..

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