Marco Rubio Breaks with Jeb Bush, Says Arne Duncan Does Not Have the Authority to Grant NCLB Waivers

Amid all of the talking points from Chris Christie and Jeb Bush that Marco Rubio has no accomplishments, here is a reminder that Rubio often worked quietly within his role as a US Senator. In 2011, Jeb Bushed penned an opinion piece for Politico in which he supported then Secretary of Education Arne Duncan efforts to grant NCLB waivers to states which reached certain benchmarks favored by both Bush and Duncan. Rubio obviously disagreed. Not wanting to embarrass his friend, Rubio wrote a letter to Duncan and stated that he had no such authority, especially with respect to his desire to implement Common Core Standards. Bush didn’t mention Common Core in his POLITICO piece and never went on record until a few years later – when it became politically untenable – that he opposed Duncan’s attempt to nationalize curriculum.

It was Rubio who recognized the danger of Duncan’s power grab and Bush’s support for the federalization of education policy. Moreover, it is Rubio – and certainly not Bush – who has the resume which indicates a willingness to shrink the power and influence of the federal government.

Scathing Purple Musings

In a stunning development, Republican Senator Marco Rubio broke from the influence of Jeb Bush’s desires on education and informed Arne Duncan he did not have the power to grant waivers to states from NCLB guidelines. Here’s some of the letter published by Michelle Kirk in

As you may know, a rising number of parents, teachers and administrators from across our
nation have expressed concerns regarding the Department of Education’s recent announcements relating to the issuance of waivers from No Child Left Behind (NCLB);

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One Response to Marco Rubio Breaks with Jeb Bush, Says Arne Duncan Does Not Have the Authority to Grant NCLB Waivers

  1. Ayn says:

    Marco Rubio has some unique qualifications that make him extremely attractive as a candidate for President. As Speaker of the Florida House he actively sought 100 innovative ideas from citizens throughout Florida, actually implementing a substantial number of those concepts. Further, his Cuban background has grounded him in a great appreciation for freedoms for Americans. Marco can be a true asset in moving our Country forward in may areas. His views are not so myopic that he will entertain modifying those ideas, but I do not see him compromising his underlying values to get there.
    So, why do other candidates see debates and campaigning as a zero sum game, where they must bully and tear down, often without solid facts and evidence, with the goal of touting themselves?
    Is this a desirable attribute of a presidential candidate? Not for me and other thinking individuals.

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