Is Trump Running as a Democrat Now or is He Melting Down Over Another Grudge?

It’s clear that Donald Trump is in control of his own Twitter account. No intern or staffer would dare put this out.

Not sure how many South Carolina voters feel how many blame George W. Bush for 9-11 and I’d imagine that only Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are running against him.

Good stuff here. Disparaging George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush are sure to be winner in South Carolina and beyond. One would think it sounds better coming from a Democrat in the general election. No?

Nice to see Donald’s an early riser, isn’t it. I’d imagine that Democrat voters agree with him about Krauthammer. And that liar card about a conservative icon like Krauthammer: it, too, kills with Democrats.

So, is this all about Trump’s true partisan Democrat leanings, or is it about his well-documented weakness in holding grudges. His irrational assault on FOX News host Megyn Kelly after tough questioning in an early debate is only matched by Trump’s dislike for Jeb Bush. It was during exchanges with Bush that Trump began his astonishing assertions about his elder brother’s presidency which were seen by one-time Trump supporter Ace of Spades:

Trump damaged himself with his claim that Bush lied us into war in Iraq. Not botched the intelligence, not read too much into thin intelligence.

Most Republicans, I think, would agree that that.

No, Trump claimed that Bush deliberately lied us into war.

First, this is alarming because it once again demonstrates that Trump has a conspiratorial mind. It’s not enough for the conspiracist to say someone was wrong — no, they have unrealistically black/white minds, and if you made a bad call, you must have lied.

That conspiracism was always present in his claims about Obama’s birth certificate. But that bit of fantasy was about Obama, someone the average Republican voter isn’t exactly eager to man the battlements for.

This corker — this Al Gore roar of quote — is about George W. Bush, someone still looked upon with affection by most of the party.

Trump was booed in Greenville on Saturday night, but those really could have been Jeb Bush supporters. Bush has always been good packing a house to give the impression of support. But he got booed nonetheless, something the extremely media conscience Trump couldn’t like. And he sounded like a Democrat Saturday.

Or like in his ill-advised boycott of the Iowa debate over his grudge with Kelly and FOXNews, has Trump  shot himself in the foot again over his grudge against Bush.







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