The Cruz Campaign Desperately Emails for Cash

From Lauren Lofstrom, the National Finance Director of Cruz for President writes this in an email:

There’s not a delicate way to put this. We’re falling behind.

I’m emailing you now, and I need to hear back in the next 30 minutes if at all possible. Because in 30 minutes I go into my last pre-South Carolina meeting with Ted, and as of the last report an hour ago — we are still behind by more than $150,000 dollars.

Ted emailed you earlier about the time for choosing, and let me tell you Robert, that time is now.

There is no way to sugarcoat it.

Ted needs you more than ever before.

And is Ted Cruz himself signaling his own poor showing today in South Carolina with this from his iPhone:

After the vote tomorrow, the talking heads and so-called “media experts” will be rushing to pick apart our campaign, trying to determine if we have the resources to compete against Donald Trump’s billions — they will be asking if we can “go the distance.”

It would give me such a huge boost if you would consider making a late night or early morning contribution to help me demonstrate that while I don’t have Donald’s billions — I do have millions of supporters.

Is the Cruz campaign reeling from a lack of cash flow and poor internal polling? The emails infer as much.  In Red State, Dan McLaughlin posted this about the surprisingly accurate upstart poll Opinion Savvy:

Tomorrow’s Republican primary in South Carolina could provide some big surprises, if you believe some of the latest polls. The most dramatic is a new poll from Opinion Savvy showing that Marco Rubio might be in striking distance of longtime frontrunner Donald Trump……..  taken the last two days, has Trump 27, Rubio 24, Cruz 19, Jeb 11, Carson 8, Kasich 7, and 4% undecided.

McLaughlin cautions against reading too much in polls, yet he, too, knows about Opinion Savvy’s accurate call in Iowa. Here is their take:

Rubio has increased his support in several key demographics, including the 45-64 and 65+ age cohorts. Rubio is also ahead of Trump in the Lowcountry, a less conservative area of the state with a lower percentage of Republican voters. In our most recent polls, Cruz has hovered around 19%, which he maintains once again.

Trump has managed to improve his ranking within the youngest demographic, and he maintains the highest commitment from voters: 97% of Trump supporters indicated that they do not foresee changing their vote.

The campaigns have the best numbers. Most observers have been hinting at a surge by Rubio in South Carolina. Charleston Post & Courier journalist Robert Behre explains that whomever finishes first will only get 29 of the state’s 50 delegates, with the other 21 being divided up depending on results in the seven congressional districts. A 3rd place finish by Cruz could signal a delegate shutout if Rubio wins the low country vote. Perhaps it is this possibility which drives the Cruz campaigns pessimistic emails of the last 24 hours.



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