“Roughly half of Iowa delegation would support someone other than Trump at the convention”

From Kathie Obradovich in the Des Moines Register:

National delegate Cecil Stinemetz of Urbandale stirred up a frenzy like a wounded sea lion on Shark Week by saying in the Washington Post that he won’t vote for Trump. Stinemetz, 61, has joined anational movement trying to persuade delegates to resist Trump’s nomination at the convention in Cleveland.

“I believe he’s a pathological liar,” Stinemetz said of Trump. “He’ll say anything to get what he wants.”

Stinemetz said in an interview that he believes “roughly half” of Iowa delegates would support someone other than Trump at the convention. He says any delegate who contests his or her state’s first-ballot vote can force a roll call of individual delegates, who then would be free to vote for whomever they please.

Another Iowa delegate, Cecil Stinemetz, puts his objections in a letter-to-the-editor  of the Register late last month:

I am a Iowa national delegate to the Republican Convention in Cleveland. I want to say publicly I will not be voting for or supporting Donald Trump. This nation is at a tipping point and I believe we must look beyond supporting a person only because he has an “R” after his name. I have to decide whether I am more concerned about what people might say or do to me rather than what I need to do in order to help save our nation. Am I going to be more concerned about Iowa’s first-in-the-nation status or saving the nation from a disastrous mistake in nominating Donald Trump?….Delegates are elected from each state to go to the national convention to be able to vote on a candidate. It is up to each delegate to vote their conscience after considering whether the candidate is worthy of their vote. It is a check and balance. After all, what if a delegate finds out the presumptive nominee got his primary votes by lying and deceit and fraud? Is that delegate bound to vote for him at the convention? No. Rule 37 protects the right of each delegate to vote as they wish, as their conscience guides them. Rule 38 prohibits any state or congressional district from forcing a delegation to vote as a unit, and is only intended to supplement the conscience protections in Rule 37.

Embolden print, mine.

While Trump forces and RNC weenies who don’t want any drama are downplaying any threat from anti-Trump delegates, the threat is apparently real. While much attention has been given to efforts taking place in the rules committee, if Stinemetz is correct, the mechanism for delegates to vote their conscience is already in place.


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