TrumpWorld “is a mess.”

….”Total dysfunction, zero plan, bifurcated leadership, and a principal who is so unwilling to be staffed it makes it impossible to have any self respect, pride in your work or sense of accomplishment,” one veteran of many Republican campaigns told me.

More from Byron York for the Washington Examiner:

The strategist blamed Lewandowski — actually, not the former campaign manager himself but the conditions that allowed him to prosper for so long. “No one experienced, professional, or qualified could work in a place where a ‘Corey type’ could thrive and be successful for a year,” the politico wrote. “It’s not rational. No one would hire Corey for field job on a congressional campaign in New Hampshire. This proves staff are hired to check boxes and appease the media that they’re ‘professionalizing’ the campaign.”

So far, the media haven’t been appeased; just Google “Trump campaign” and “dysfunctional.” Trump’s strongest supporters will dismiss the talk. And indeed, the Trump campaign has made some top-notch additions lately, like the pollster Kellyanne Conway. But the string of departures in the heat of a general election campaign is a sure sign of trouble — trouble that’s here now and trouble to come.

Scathing Purple Musings took up York’s suggestion and found this piece in Forbes Magazine from Stan Collender which includes this:

…almost every political campaign is a case study in constant crisis management. They’re multi-million dollar organizations that come together quickly for a relatively short period of time with no culture or norms. The candidate is the equivalent of both the CEO of the company and the product being sold. And, as anyone who has ever worked in a political campaign will tell you, the only one who completely shares the candidate’s goal of getting elected is the candidate himself or herself. Everyone else is involved at least partially for some other reason.

So far, what Trump is doing seems to be the ultimate dysfunctional presidential campaign. This includes frequent high-level personnel changes, a very small staff, almost nonexistent fundraising, a strategy that has severely limited the candidate’s trips to battleground states, little effort to expand Trump’s appeal to the voters that will be most important in November, a candidate that doesn’t deal well with criticism or like to take advice, a narrow group of surrogates available to speak for the campaign and a very small policy apparatus.

…….Trump has mismanaged virtually every unexpected event of the past few weeks and in the process raised significant doubts about his ability to be president. Brexit and Orlando, for example, should have been big pluses for his campaign but were huge minuses instead.

Meanwhile, Trump has continued to post non substantive, snarky tweets about people who oppose him.

Much has been made of the fact that many  anti-Trump republicans won’t be at the convention GOP leaders unless there is a chance that Trump can be stopped. All eyes will be focused on the efforts of activists in getting the word to delegates that they have the power through RNC Convention Rule 38 to vote their conscience. Those folks can always change their mind about coming.



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