#FreeTheDelegates Kendal Unruh Vows to Fight On; But Are Republicans Sticking “with the one person Clinton can beat”

From Kendel Casey Unruh’s Facebook page:

Finally I have a minute to give an update. Be of good cheer, this battle has just started. Despite the thousands of emails that patriotic Americans lobbied the rules committee with, Trump refused to even allow debate and the conscience clause died. I tried to follow the rules and the decorum of the process. But the rules committee is 100% irrelevant to the binding movement. I have until Monday to collect signatures for a minority report. Nothing has changed in our planning phase to unbind the delegates. This now moves from a free the delegates phase to a “delegates unbound” phase. Because even though they put every binding rule they could in the rules, it means one thing, they know we have the numbers to unbind. NOW it is in the hands of all of you to exercise your God given right to conscience. A reporter asked “Why do you seem so upbeat after your defeat? ” And I responded, “It’s not a defeat. It’s the starting line. Now the delegates themselves will have to take the baton.” God is always in control. Don’t stop praying.

The committee even stifled Sen. Mike Lee reports Yahoo News Jon Ward:

Trump’s supporters on the committee and at the RNC went out of their way to ensure the effort’s defeat, preventing Lee and the other supporters of the measure from debating it, and not even allowing anything more than a voice vote.

Lee denounced the result in the room in front of the 112 committee members and a large contingent of reporters, and then spoke exclusively with Yahoo News for 15 minutes afterward in a room down the hall.

In the committee meeting, Lee did not concede that Trump — who is now all but certain to be named the GOP’s nominee next Wednesday night — will in fact be the party’s choice.

“I hope whoever the nominee is going to be this time will in fact win over the delegates,” Lee said. “But rules like this are not going to help that.”

Last night’s savage mass murder by a radical Islamist in France which so far has taken 83 lives is the latest event that takes oxygen from anti-Trump efforts. Still its hard not to admire people like Unruh and Lee along with those who remain resolute in their principled and defensible opposition to Trump. Among them is Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin who writes this in a post titled, “Republicans stick with the one person Clinton can beat”:

She’s down in the polls due to the FBI dressing-down, but she’s still the favorite — because she runs against Trump. No matter how awful Clinton is, the GOP cannot capitalize on what would be fatal missteps in any other race.

Replacing Trump would have been a strategic lightning bolt, incinerating the entire Clinton campaign strategy. She would have to defend her own record, character and ideas rather than simply point to Trump and declare (accurately) that he is unhinged and unfit for the presidency.  With the rules committee shooting down a proposal to unbind the delegates, however, that opportunity now appears foreclosed.

For all her serious flaws, Clinton is not crazy and her ideas are within the normal parameters of political debate. She knows the Constitution doesn’t have 12 articles and that we cannot pull back from NATO. She knows you cannot order the military to commit war crimes. She knows Mexico will not pay for a wall and we cannot round-up and deport 11-12 million people. And in this election, that’s enough most likely to get elected — with a fair number of votes from Republicans disgusted with their own party.

Meanwhile Hot Air‘s Ed Morrissey reports that an NBC/WSJ battleground poll shows that Clinton suffered no drop in support after the Comey report.

There are a number of Republicans who remain in the anti-Trump corner. Where they are represented in polling data right  now is unclear, but they are positioned in a place to pick up the pieces in the event they’ve been right all along about Trump.


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