Some Turkish Soldiers Tell Interrogators They Didn’t Know They Were Part of a Coup

From PressTV:

Turks surrender at bridgeSome of the soldiers detained in Turkey have reportedly told interrogators they were not aware they were part of a coup attempt.

They had been told by commanders they were taking part in military maneuvers, the Turkish Hurriyet newspaper has reported.

Some soldiers said they understood they were part of a coup when they saw civilians climb on tanks.

Turkish televisions have shown footage of soldiers surrendering to people and special forces police without resistance, their hands behind their heads.

According to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency, all soldiers involved in the attempted coup have been taken into custody.

This would certainly explain why so many soldiers pictured in this Scathing Purple Turks whipped at bridgeMusings Post appeared “bewildered and frightened.” It moreover explains how so many soldiers took part and why they were so disinclined to fire on their countrymen. Whomever gave them the order knew this would be the case.

The episode at the bridges in Istanbul in which soldiers blocked traffic provides the best example. Its unclear as to what tactical advantage securing the bridges may have provided the coup, but photographs show that the soldiers weren’t equipped to hold it very long.

Some of the worse atrocities occurred at one of the bridges where one soldier was reportedly beheaded by the well-capable protesters who arrived.


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