The Coordinated Media Surge Against Trump Will Hurt Hillary

Within hours, the conservative media was blasting NBC anchorman Lester Holt for his clear bias against republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. By the end of yesterday Holt was fact-checked out of credibility. Whiffing three times in his assault on Trump with false premises on questions regarding the economy, stop-and-frisk and Trump’s opposition to the Iraq War, Holt reduced himself to a level which makes Candy Crowley seem sympathetic. But Holt’s desperate hit job was part of a larger media conspiracy. It had after all been telegraphed. This from the NY Post‘s Michael Goodwin:

A second warning shot came just last weekend, when Clinton’s Praetorian Guard carried out a synchronized assault against Trump. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico and the Los Angeles Times all carried very similar stories accusing Trump of repeated lies.

To call that a coincidence would be a Clintonian lie. Those articles matched the talking points of her campaign, which also demanded that Holt “fact-check” Trump, which, of course, he did, while leaving her un-checked.

In short, the debate fix was broadcast on the front pages well in advance, yet Trump wasn’t ready for it. Although he didn’t make fatal mistakes and survived Clinton’s best punches, his meandering digressions, along with his failure to demand the answers from Clinton that Holt didn’t, cost him precious time and opportunity

Goodwin is right in saying that Trump should have been prepared for Holt. The story that was floated in the hours running up to the debate that Holt was a registered republican served as a smokescreen. At any rate, the charade looks as if it will backfire.

But here’s the other side of the story: Trump won’t suffer much voter pain, certainly not enough to put victory out of reach. His secret weapon is that his core supporters, including many independents, distrust the media nearly as much as they distrust Clinton.

Consider that, while most media professionals said Clinton won the debate, most online polls of viewers had Trump winning.

The split verdict reflects a theme that goes back to the earliest GOP primary debates. Candidates who blasted media moderators for being prejudiced against Republicans got rousing ovations.

The anger has grown more pronounced since Trump, the ultimate outsider, crashed the party to win the nomination. With media bias blatant on a daily basis, it is far more than a sideshow.

My in-box routinely contains letters from readers such as Gayla Chandler, who wrote, “So my vote for Trump is partially FOR Trump, but it is equally against both Hillary and media manipulation.”

It will be interesting to see if #NeverTrump’s media leadership calls Holt and their colleagues to account or will they stay with “we told you so.” Trump’s core supporters are only going to be emboldened. Such a coordinated attack by the media on Trump which included Holt’s false flags will backfire and give Trump added credibility on the issues Holt mischaracterized.


About Bob Sikes

A long time ago and a planet far, far away I was an athletic trainer for the New York Mets. I was blessed to be part of the now legendary 1986 World Series Championship. My late father told me that I'd one day be thankful I had that degree in teaching from Florida State University. He was right and I became twice blesses to become a teacher in the late 1990's. After dabbling with writing about the Mets and then politics, I settled on education.
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