So is this the plan? Get Jill Stein to ask for the recount?

According to Rich McCormick in The Verge, she’s pocketed quite a bundle:

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has received $2.5 million in donations to push for election recounts in three swing states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Stein, who launched her crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday morning, hit her first requested total inside of 24 hours, securing more than $2 million by midnight ET, and reaching $2.5 million by 3AM ET.

Upon reaching the original goal of $2.5 million — the total at which Stein had indicated the Green Party would file for recounts in all three states — the campaign’s requested total increased to $4.5 million. Just before it reached its original goal, the Green Party’s campaign also changed its wording to specify that rather than being used to file for recounts in all three states, the money raised so far would be used for a proposed recount in Wisconsin only, with another two recounts still needing funding.

We’ll know where all this is going by tomorrow as that’s when the application for Wisconsin has to be in. No word yet on where Stein got the money although few doubt that some may have come from Hillary Clinton supporters. Pretty good way for the Clinton people to steer clear.

Hot Air writer John Sexton has been on this from the beginning and indicates the architect of the hacking hypothesis is looking to have it both ways now by “arguing that hacking of voting machines by Russia was possible, though he also said he believed it was more likely the pre-election polls were simply wrong.” Sexton also adds:

So at this point everyone pushing for a recount claims to be acting solely out of concern for electoral integrity, but given the timing of this announcement, the fact that it is focused on the same 3 states Halderman cited and that it mentions hacking as a concern, it’s fair to wonder if Halderman has been talking to Stein’s campaign as well as the Clinton’s campaign. Alternatively, it’s possible Stein was simply influenced by reading about Halderman’s finding. And one last possibility, maybe there some back-channel communication between the Clinton camp and the Stein camp?

The big question now is: Will the Clinton campaign piggyback on this announcement and support a recount (for the sake of “electoral integrity” of course). That would bring a cheer from progressives who are still despondent over the election results. Of course it’s also exactly the kind of challenge to the results which the media and the Clinton campaign ridiculed Trump for refusing to rule out before the election. Does Clinton really want her name associated with a late challenge that is unlikely to change the results?

There doesn’t seem to be much of an apatite for this among Democrat pundits. Writing in VOX, Timothy B. Lee’s The election probably wasn’t hacked. But Clinton should request recounts just in case  couldn’t be more tepid.  Both ThinkProgess and The Daily Kos are quite today on the matter. Perhaps they remember the savage recount battle for Florida in 2000. They lost, but it approached anarchy – an experience nobody wants to face again.




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