Wisconsin Recount: Trump’s Outagamie County Problem

The commentary from Democrat friendly sites is predictably breathless:

To accept this story from (Hortonville village clerk, Lynn) Mischkerm one would have to believe that the same error was made in four different counties, and that same error resulted in Donald Trump receiving more votes in each instance. Another conundrum is Hillary Clinton’s vote total did not change before the original numbers were announced, or after they were adjusted due to the Internet’s outrage.

The point to take away from this entire voting debacle in these little Wisconsin towns is the voter fraud was uncovered because they lazily attempted to give Trump an edge and did not anticipate their villainy being discovered. In other areas of the nation it is entirely possible that similar scenarios transpired, and the individuals involved were smoother in covering their tracks. Therefore it is vitally important for voting recounts to happen across the nation to sort out any other discrepancies which took place. The recounts may well prove that not only did Hillary Clinton win the popular vote, but that she also won the electoral college. The American people are owed, and deserve, fairness in their elections for the sake of the sanctity of the American republic.

A problem that Occupy Democrats writer Lou Colagiovanni has is that in his headline and withing his article, he is improperly using “counties” when he should be using “precincts” and in a Google search give the false impression that the incident occurred in an area larger than it is. Moreover, Occupy Democrats has a rotten record with POLITIFACT making it believable that Colaiovanni knew what he was doing.

And mission accomplished! Such propaganda spreads like wildfire in a new fake news era with headlines like this in Liberal Society:

BREAKING: Wisconsin Admits To Using Fake Votes To Help Trump Win, Spread This Like Wildfire!

And it will spread like wildfire, too.

The only traditional news reporting on the matter comes from USA Today reporter Madeline Behr:

APPLETON – See any social media posts about “voter fraud” in Outagamie County? We did too.

Don’t get worked up — it’s simply a matter of the difference between unofficial election results and official election results, said Outagamie County Clerk Lori O’Bright.

As precincts close on election night, inspectors call in their results to county officials in Appleton. Those results are then posted online right away for journalists and members of the public to view.

Those were unofficial results, which can contain errors during the rush of election night, O’Bright said. Within a few days after the election, county officials then “canvass” to ensure the authenticity of the ballots and votes. Those official results were posted on Tuesday.

Canvassing is always done after an election, not just in response to errors found in unofficial results.

In addition to the regular duties of canvassing the results, it’s not unusual for the vote-counting process to continue well after election day. In states like California, votes are still being tabulated despite the state being called for Clinton.

Some social media users questioned whether the official results were posted in response to the questions about voter fraud, but that’s not the case. All official results are posted online when the canvassing is completed. Due to Outagamie County staff members taking days off recently because of family matters, the results were posted a tad later than usual, O’Bright said.

Matters not as the one hard journalism story is swamped with Democrat friendly sites using “fraud,” “fake” and “padding.”

Team Trump’s decision to ignore the Wisconsin recount and focus on the transition is statesmanlike, but Democrats are getting a jump start on the narrative by invoking their operative termonology. How much longer Steve Bannon stays on the sideline is anyone’s guess. He risks letting this no longer be about Jill Stein and instead be about voter fraud orchastrated  on his boss’ behalf.


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