BREAKING: Turkish Investigative Journalist Ahmet Sik Officially Arrested for Spreading “Terrorist Organization Propaganda” on Twitter

From Turkish website Son Dakika (Last Minute) translated to English with Google Translate:

Journalist Ahmet Şık, who was taken into custody because of the 11 separate tweets and writings he posted on the social sharing site “Twitter”, was referred to the court for his arrest on charges of “Terrorist Organization Propaganda”. Ahmet Şık was arrested by the court he was detained. Ahmet Şık, a journalist who was taken into custody and was sentenced to imprisonment for allegedly committing the crime of “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” on social media exchanges and some articles written in the republican newspaper, was arrested.

e journalist Ahmet Şık, who was questioned by Fahrettin Kemal Native to conduct the investigation, was brought to the Istanbul Court of Justice in Çağlayan at noon. The prosecutor’s decision about Ahmet Şık, who was kept in the press office of the police in the presence of the cops, became clear at 14.30. The prosecution demanded that Ahmet Şık be arrested on charges of “making propaganda for a terrorist organization”. On top of that, the police were accompanied by the sentenced Istanbul Magistrate Criminal Court. Meanwhile, along with the CHP deputy Barış Yarkadaş, his relatives came to name Ahmet Şık to support him.

The question of Ahmet Şık, who was detained on charges of “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” and Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, “publicly insulting the judiciary, the military and the police”, was carried out safely by the prosecutor’s office. An interview with the terrorist organization manager Cemil Bayık with an article entitled “Ya Apo Kandil or Ya İmralı’ya” published on 14 March 2015, an interview with 8 July “Ozki journalism, betraying yours” The writings on MIT TIRs titled “MIT TIRs Prosecutor, MIT, Reyhanlı’a” condemned on 9th July, “13th of February,” “secrets in TIR” were asked. Ahmet Şık’a also on 23-26 September 2014 at the Press Freedom Workshop “the PKK is also a journalist” is also asked about the description.

As the reader can see, translations are imperfect, but it appears that Sik was arrested for his tweets and articles he did in 2014 and 2015 and not any recent tweets as Scathing Purple Musings speculated yesterday.

Sik was jailed previously between 2011 and 2012 and was indicted again immediately after his release for declaring “the police, prosecutors and judges who plotted and executed this conspiracy will enter this prison.”

According to Turkish Minute, a web site produced by Turkish journalist in exile, 650 journalists are to be “investigated.” The journalists write anonymously as to protect loved ones in Turkey.

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