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In Ukraine….”there will be thousands of people killed and this blood of children and adults will be on Trump’s hands.”

President Donald Trump’s deeply disturbing airy comparison last night of Russian president Vladamir’s Putin’s record as a killer to our own is still  getting crickets in right-wind media this morning. So it’s easy to wonder what transpired in the conversation … Continue reading

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Trump Utters the Deal Breaker

From Abby Phillip for the Washington Post: In an interview with Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, which will air ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Trump doubled down on his “respect” for Putin – even in the face of accusations … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of the Yemen Raid #Fake News Smear of Trump

Dispatching with the #fakenews smear of the Trump administration does  #NeverTrump leader David French in National Review: Journalists spread the Reuters report far and wide, but anyone with the slightest experience in complex special operations missions should have been instantly … Continue reading

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So the PLO is worried they’ve not heard from Trump yet

Writes Caroline Glick in RealClear Politics: The PLO is disoriented, panicked and hysterical. Speaking to Newsweek this week, Saeb Erekat, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas’s chief conduit to Israel and the Americans, complained that since President Donald Trump was sworn into … Continue reading

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Jailed Turkish Journalist Derya Okatan is in the 14th Day of Her Hunger Strike

The unjustly persecuted continues to suffer at the hands of a corrupt and brutal Erdogan regime. Sacthing Purple Musings first posted on Okatan’s hunger strike here. Turkish to English translation: #DeryaOkatan journalistic activities in custody. This is to protest the … Continue reading

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Erdogan’s Government Even Arrests Lawyers to Keep Them From Defending Journalists

From Abdullah Bozkurt for Turkish Minute: The unprecedented crackdown on lawyers who defend critics, dissidents and opponents of the authoritarian regime of Turkey’s strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, paint a dismal picture of how the criminal justice system has been turned … Continue reading

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Russians Unlock Assassins iPhone

That didn’t take long. The Russians aren’t inhibited by niceties as are the FBI. From Andrew Blake in the Washington Times: Russian authorities have reportedly succeeded in unlocking an Apple iPhone owned by the off-duty police officer who shot and … Continue reading

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Gulen: Russian Ambassador Was Supportive of Our Movement

Writes Chuck Ross for the DailyCaller from a video statement from  Cleric Fethulla Gulen on the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov: During his remarks on Thursday, Gulen repeated his previous statement condemning Karlov’s assassination. He also suggested that Karlov … Continue reading

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Terror Group Affiliated With Al Queda Claims Responsibility for Assassination

Writes Paul Thompson from the Daily Mail: An al-Qaeda linked terror group has claimed responsibility for the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey, it was reported. A statement released by the Syria based al-Nusra front hails the killer, off … Continue reading

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Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Misplays Neocon Card After Trump Meeting

One of the more outside the box meetings President-Elect Donald Trump had yesterday was with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii). A critic of the Obama administrations handling of Middle East conflicts, the Washington Post reports: Trump’s meetings on Monday included Rep. … Continue reading

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