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When Liberals Blame Racism and Conservatives Blame Public Schools

I was hopeful this morning when I began to read a column by Naomi Schaefer Riley titled How to Save More At-Risk Kids in the NYPost.  In the often overly thick world of what educators refer to a pedagogy, “at-risk” broadly refers … Continue reading

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Not so fast, Betsy!

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of State, took a page from her new boss’ playbook and went directly to the people via Twitter about Common Core. Many of you are asking about Common Core. To clarify, I … Continue reading

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Did Jeb Bush Recommend Betsy DeVos to Be Trump’s Secretary of Education?

On Sunday, Tampa Bay Times Washington Bureau Chief Alex Leary reported that former Florida governor Jeb Bush called to congratulate President-Elect Donald Trump: They had a very productive call and Gov. Bush was extremely gracious congratulating Mr. Trump on his … Continue reading

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