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Sorry Chris Christie, Marco Rubio Not Always So Scripted

It’s fair to wonder what’s actually more scripted: Marco Rubio’s repeating talking points or Chris Christie’s canned attacks on Marco Rubio. No matter, Christie is sure to be gleeful over the assistance he’s getting from the partisan democrat media right … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio: “I’m Going to Say it Again”

From Jeremy Peters and Jonathan Martin in the New York Times: LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Senator Marco Rubio on Sunday confronted what may have been the most challenging moment of his presidential campaign as his rivals seized on images of him … Continue reading

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Chris Christie Goes Jerry Springer on Marco Rubio

A quick Google search of Chris Christie Confrontation Video generates 974,000 results. He’s good at it and he knows it. Christie telegraphed his verbal assault on Marco Rubio last night. He successfully baited Rubio into repeating himself three times with … Continue reading

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The Bully Finally Emerges in Chris Christie’s School Yard Taunt of Marco Rubio

Stinging from his pathetic showing in Iowa, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie put on his bully cap, and went after a surging Marco Rubio in an unhinged attack that probably impresses Donald Trump. From Philip Rucker in the Washington Post: “Maybe … Continue reading

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Last Minute Look Inside the Iowa Numbers and a Stunning Prediction

Writing for San Francisco-based Sinema Blaze, this from Johnnie Lee: As for Monday’s voting, Cruz campaign manager Jeff Rose said the organization’s figures show there are 9,131 Iowans choosing between Cruz and Trump, 2,807 choosing between Cruz and Rubio and … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Publisher Finds “Crude Blowhard” Trump Like Biff from Back to the Future

New Hampshire Union Leader publisher Joseph P. McQuaid knew that Trump was the inspiration for the iconic moron. From CNN reporter Deena Zaru: WASHINGTON (CNN) —Ahead of a visit Monday from Donald Trump, the publisher of the influential New Hampshire … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Emails

Yesterday’s 107 minute news conference by New Jersey governor Chris Christie was taking place about the same time the story broke that disgraced education commissioner Tony Bennett had hired some top dollar lawyers to fight ethics charges revolving around his … Continue reading

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Add One More to the List of 40 New Jersey Charter Schools Whose Licenses Have Been “Revoked, Denied or Surrendered Over the Last Decade”

Things obviously went south fast at Capital Preparatory Charter High School in Trenton. Just three years ago a spokesperson for the New Jersey DOE said, “there appeared to be a lot of teaching and learning going on……” In a story published … Continue reading

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New Jersey’s Simmering Cheating Scandal, Broad Foundation Alum Chris Cerf, and Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change

While Atlanta’s cheating scandal is revealing itself to  be a witch’s cauldron of conspiracy,  New Jersey’s slowly is gaining heat. Writes Bob Ingle, senior political columnist for the New Jersey Press Media: They’ve been keeping track of test answer erasures … Continue reading

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Was Rhode Island’s Education Commissioner taking a page from the Michelle Rhee and Chris Christie playbooks by videoing a meeting with Diane Ravitch?

Diane Ravitch may be the most influential voice in the push-back against the juggernaut of market-based school reform. A former Assistant Secretary of Education, she’s not one to misinterpret the tone of a meeting with a room full of politicians. … Continue reading

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