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Jeb Bush Jumps the Shark By Linking National Security With Education Reform

Somehow you just knew the January announcement that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had been appointed chair of Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education meant that Bush would exploit Rice’s national security cred in his POTUS bid. He … Continue reading

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Condi Rice’s Appointment to the Head of Jeb Bush’s Foundation Marks the Continuation of Their Willingness to Hijack National Security for Domestic Political Gain

There couldn’t be a more poignant first post for Scathing Purple Musings return. From the Washington Post’s  Valerie Strauss,  the nation’s most important education writer: Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is taking the reins of Jeb Bush’s education foundation … Continue reading

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Democrats For Education Reform Play the Indentity Politics of Division in California

Writing in American Journalism Review, Paul Fahri blisters his media colleagues for easily buying into education reforms “sweeping generalizations.” Fahri, a Washington Post reporter takes articular aim at CNN host and analyst, Fareed Zakaria. A foreign policy expert and member of the Council … Continue reading

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Ed Reformers Jump the Shark By Concluding National Security is Threatened by Public Schools

While it comes as no surprise that the education reform crowd would use any rhetorical tool to destroy public schools, to do so in the context of making public schools  a national security risk is to finally jump the shark. The iconic … Continue reading

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