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Did Jeb Bush Recommend Betsy DeVos to Be Trump’s Secretary of Education?

On Sunday, Tampa Bay Times Washington Bureau Chief Alex Leary reported that former Florida governor Jeb Bush called to congratulate President-Elect Donald Trump: They had a very productive call and Gov. Bush was extremely gracious congratulating Mr. Trump on his … Continue reading

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Marlene O’Toole: Convenient Shill for Florida Republican’s Failing Education Record

The hyper partisan republican body in the Florida House, save the handful sponsoring anti-common core legislation, march in lock-step with their leadership which takes its marching orders from the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Council of 100. So … Continue reading

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About Those Tests Florida Kids Take Next Week: Utah Republicans Want to Suspend and Replace Them

Florida children will begin taking new high-stakes test next week which were “rented” from Utah. But, Tallahassee, we have a problem. Apparently Utah doesn’t like the tests very much. Writes Katie McKellar from Deseret News in this KSL.com piece: SALT … Continue reading

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Bad Scores From Utah May Doom Florida Kids On Rick Scott’s New Tests

From Leslie Postal and Dan Sweeney in the Sun Sentinel: Utah students took their state’s new Common Core tests this spring, and they struggled so badly that a majority of Utah schools could end up graded D or F. Despite … Continue reading

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Epic Pearson Failure in Florida During State-Wide Testing, Blames Someone Else

From the Associated Press: TALLAHASSEE, Florida — Testing was suspended Tuesday in several districts across Florida after students were unable to take the state’s standardized assessment because of a computer glitch. In a letter to the testing contractor, Education Commissioner … Continue reading

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Dispatching the Al Lawson-Step Up For Students Smear of Paula Dockery

Former Florida senator turned education privatization super-lobbyist Al Lawson took his turn at mischaracterizing opponents of the Florida voucher expansion scheme that would enrich the executives who run it. To do so, he needed to misrepresent the words of a … Continue reading

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Rick Scott Targeted by Common Core Opponents in Florida

You knew they wouldn’t go away after being dismissed by Rick Scott’s cronies on the state board of education. Miami Herald reporter Kathleen McGrory has this in Naked Politics: TALLAHASSEE — With their bill to suspend Florida’s new education benchmarks … Continue reading

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Not a Three-Year “Pause,” But a One-Year “Delay” in Florida School Accountability

Lloyd Dunkelberger of Halifax Media Services reports in the Daytona Beach News-Journal: TALLAHASSEE — Local school districts likely will not get a three-year delay they want in moving to new school standards, a new statewide assessment test and other accountability … Continue reading

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Pam Stewart Snubs Teachers in Recognizing AP Success, Participation

From an FDOE press release: Tallahassee, Fla., February 11, 2014 – Florida earned high marks for the percentage of graduates from the class of 2013 who took an Advanced Placement (AP) exam while in high school, earning them a second … Continue reading

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Florida’s Race-Based Goals and Test Reliance Slammed in Senate Chamber

A remarkable press conference was called by an influential Florida state senator yesterday to highlight contradictions in its accountability system. Bill Cotterell writes in the Florida Current: A state senator, a civil rights attorney and the mother of a young … Continue reading

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