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Is Pushback From Inside the FBI Beginning to Emerge Against Comey’s Non-Indictment of Clinton?

Aleister at Legal Insurrection points to this in a Sharyl Attkisson story: Comey is well-respected by politicians in both political parties and by many within his own ranks. But there is new dissent after his Clinton decision, which some FBI … Continue reading

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What James Comey Said in Sandy Berger Case in 2004

Writing in conservative site WND, investigative reporter reminds of what then deputy US attorney general James Comey said when talking to reporters regarding the case of one-time Clinton advisor Sandy Berger: In 2004, Fox News noted Comey told reporters he … Continue reading

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Has She Really Gotten Away With It? Even the AP is Cataloging Her Lies

FBI Director James Comey offers the latest proof that the English language is often waterboarded to protect the Clintons. According to Comey, Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in handling classified material on her email, but not “grossly negligent” as the … Continue reading

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Two Top Conservative Bloggers Offer Skepticism of Jeb Bush’s Candidacy

Though subtly. But from critical voices. This week, two top conservative bloggers looked skeptically at Jeb Bush’s candidacy for the republican nomination. Ed Morrissey wondered if Bush had his own email problem and pointed out that Bush took seven years … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush Dodges Questions From Tampa Tribune Reporter in Story on His Foundation

Tampa Tribune reporter William March has this: TAMPA — Lobbyists are not allowed to finance perks like trips for state officials, but those at the Foundation for Excellence in Education get around that ban by being registered to another foundation … Continue reading

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Florida DOE Gets Caught in Their Own “Choice” Spin

While in the process of promoting its virtual school program, the Florida Department of Education’s blog, Florida Common Ground, had it’s own rhetoric thrown back in their face.  After commenter LZ expressed  concern that virtual school is not a good option for … Continue reading

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Post WWII Reconstruction, the Arab Spring, Freedom of the Press, and the Palin Emails

This week’s unprecedented call from The New York Times, the Washington Post and CBS News for the public to sift through the recently released emails from Sarah Palin’s governorship should the last  demonstration anyone will need existence of media bias. Writing in the American … Continue reading

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