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“The final quarter of the year is known as testing season”

The final quarter  won’t actually get under way until the end of March. Still, FEA president Andy Ford’s narrative of facts on the ground he includes  in a column for the Orlando Sentinel is a useful one We’ve begun the new … Continue reading

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If Only Florida Republican Legislators Had Actually Listened to Teachers

Niceville senator Don Gaetz knows better, but the live TV opportunity was too good to pass up. When FEA vice president Joanne McCall testified earlier this month that teachers weren’t generally against testing, Gaetz retorted that the FEA hasn’t supported … Continue reading

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What the #DroptheSuit Campaign and Jeb Bush’s Push to Overturn Blaine Amendment Reveal About Voucher Lawsuit

In the summer of 2011, the Florida Education Association filed a lawsuit challenging a proposed ballot initiative which would repeal the almost century-old Blaine Amendment. What at the time was called Amendment 7, its intent was to end the state’s prohibition of funding … Continue reading

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Will Florida Voucher Proponents Use Children As a “Cynical Media Prop” Tomorrow?

the Florida Education Association VP Joanne McCall released a statement today to the media which served as a broadside to opponents of the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Florida’s school voucher program. A key hearing is scheduled in the Leon … Continue reading

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The Exploitation of Valentin

Even the man who wants to be president got into the act. A Twitter campaign began yesterday morning touting a TV spot that would appear during last night’s Super Bowl which featured Miami high school sophomore, Valentin Mendez, who urged … Continue reading

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Step Up For Students Demonizes Florida School Boards – Assault on Local Control Continues

In pumping up former Florida senator John McCay’s supporting piece for vouchers in this morning’s Bradenton Herald, Step Up for Students executive Ron Matus tweeted: All #Florida parents should worry about @FloridaEA@FLSchoolBoards attack on #schoolchoice Step Up for Students is the … Continue reading

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It’s Called Backdoor Legislation, Senator Gardiner, and the Florida Constitution Says You Can’t Do It

Vice President of the Florida Education Association Joanne McCall provides an effective response to Andy Gardiner’s shrill attack on the teacher’s she represents for their lawsuit against SB 850. With two days left in this year’s session, Gardiner allowed his … Continue reading

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Step Up For Students’ Shameless False Narrative on SB 850 Lawsuit

None of the hacks from Step Up for Students put their name on this morning’s post regarding a group of special needs children’s parents who are “taking on” the Florida Education Association for filing a lawsuit against SB 850. Obviously … Continue reading

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Andy Gardiner’s Demogoguery Misleads Floridians on FEA Lawsuit

The incoming president of the Florida Senate cannot be trusted on education policy. Not if he’s going to deliberately mislead Floridians while  misrepresenting the position of the state’s teachers. Senator Andy Gardiner (R-Orlando) writes in the Tampa Tribune that “union bosses, … Continue reading

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Janet Adkins’ False Testimony on Common Core and Raw Hypocricy on Accountability

Rep. Janet Adkins (R-Fernandina Beach) heard the applause from the gallery after a public school teacher’s testimony against Florida’s continued devotion to high-stakes tests. It was the only time anyone drew such a reaction during Monday’s House Education Appropriations hearing on … Continue reading

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