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Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Misplays Neocon Card After Trump Meeting

One of the more outside the box meetings President-Elect Donald Trump had yesterday was with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii). A critic of the Obama administrations handling of Middle East conflicts, the Washington Post reports: Trump’s meetings on Monday included Rep. … Continue reading

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Mr. Trump’s “disqualifying ignorance of foreign affairs” and “creepy and dangerous affinity for dictators”

From the editors of the Washington Post: SADDAM HUSSEIN was not “so good” at killing terrorists, as Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed. On the contrary, he was one of the contemporary world’s foremost sponsors of terrorism. He harbored or funded … Continue reading

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“Pajama Boy With ‘Roid Rage, Tweeting Until His Thumbs Fall Off”

Wishing this were mine. It belongs to David French who writes in National Review: When you combine fever-swamp leftism with his protectionism and border policies, Trump looks less like a new sensation in American politics and more like a famous … Continue reading

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