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Jeb Bush Praises Obama, Duncan on Education Policy

From CBS News: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush sure looks like a politician who is not running for office. In a wide-ranging interview with Charlie Rose for “CBS This Morning,” Bush offered some light praise for President Obama and said … Continue reading

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Its Begun…..Palm Beach School Board Votes to Adopt the National Resolution that Opposes High Stakes Testing

Testing is Not Teaching – PBC citizens united to make a difference have announced on their Facebook page that the Palm Beach School Board has adopted the National Resolution on High Stakes Testing. The resolution brings unprecedented bipartisan spirit. Joining … Continue reading

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Hilary Rosen, Michelle Rhee and Barack Obama’s AFT – NEA Support

While the American Left rose to the defense of Hilary Rosen’s smear of Ann Romney, the lobbying firm who pays Rosen’s salary was cashing in on her contacts with the Obama White House. According to Lee Fang of The Nation, among … Continue reading

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“Diversion of education funds to private use is occurring more frequently in Florida than in any other state.”

The Miami Herald published an op-ed piece yesterday from NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. He wrote specifically about the Florida legislature’s pattern of failing to provide adequate funding for the state’s schools . Van Roekel also brought to light the … Continue reading

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Walton Family Funded Group Makes Lame Attempt to Criticize SOS March

The Center for Education Reform, who received $518,273 last year from the Walton Family Foundation, mocks this weekends, SOS March in Washington DC. WASHINGTON – This Saturday’s Save Our Schools rally is holding itself out to be an effort to … Continue reading

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US Chamber of Commece, Business Roundtable Join NEA and AFT as top NCLB Lobbyists

From OpenSecretsblog: During the first quarter of the year, 153 organizations lobbied on issues referencing NCLB or the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, research by the Center for Responsive Politics shows. Because lobbying reports do not require an itemized accounting … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush Celebrates the NEA’s Odd Shift Toward Test Scores in Teacher Evaluations

Why they did still bewilders many teachers across the nation. But the metaphorical horse has left the barn. The NEA delegation’s tone deafness toward its rank-and-file membership has predictably prompted a gleeful response from former Florida governor Jeb Bush. This … Continue reading

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Does Michelle Bachmann Want to Repeal No Child Left Behind?

While teachers across the nation are gathering together to raise awareness of the danger that standardize testing poses on the nation’s school, has an unlikely champion emerged? Republican candidate for President, Michelle Bachmann, was taking questions on the Scott Hennen … Continue reading

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DNC official to go to Rhee’s Student’s First

From Ben Smith in POLITICO: Democratic National Committee national spokesman Hari Sevugan will move to a top post at the former Washington, D.C., school chief Michelle Rhee’s new advocacy group, Students First, a move aimed at strengthening its hand in the … Continue reading

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Seeing the NEA from seperate realities

Writing in the conservative website, Big Government, Kyle Olsen says that it was  loads of cash from the 2009 Stimulus that secured the early NEA endorsement for President Obama’s re-election campaign. He cites a 2009 speech by Joe Biden as proof. … Continue reading

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