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It’s Called Backdoor Legislation, Senator Gardiner, and the Florida Constitution Says You Can’t Do It

Vice President of the Florida Education Association Joanne McCall provides an effective response to Andy Gardiner’s shrill attack on the teacher’s she represents for their lawsuit against SB 850. With two days left in this year’s session, Gardiner allowed his … Continue reading

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Step Up For Students’ Shameless False Narrative on SB 850 Lawsuit

None of the hacks from Step Up for Students put their name on this morning’s post regarding a group of special needs children’s parents who are “taking on” the Florida Education Association for filing a lawsuit against SB 850. Obviously … Continue reading

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Curious Spin From Jeb Bush Camp on Scott’s Signature of Voucher Expansion

Writing in the Foundation for Excellence in Education web site, CEO Patricia Levesque completely ignored the expansion of Florida’s school voucher program and only focused on the portion of the bill which had bipartisan support. Anyone can be for school … Continue reading

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Rick Scott Signs Voucher Expansion Bill; Will FEA Make a Legal Challenge?

Both Leslie Postal in the Orlando Sentinel and AP reporter Gary Fineout are saying that Rick Scott has just signed SB 85O which will expand Florida’s school voucher program. Fineout writes that Scott’s signature would “trigger a legal challenge from … Continue reading

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Start the Clock: Controversial Voucher Bill Arrives On Rick Scott’s Desk

Reports Leslie Postal in the Orlando Sentinel: The Florida Legislature has sent Gov. Rick Scott the controversial bill that expands the state’s largest school voucher program. Scott has 15 days to decide what to do with the bill (SB 850). A number of education advocacy … Continue reading

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Florida’s Failure to Fund Lawsuit Amended to Include Vouchers, Charter Schools

From Orlando Sentinel reporter Leslie Postal: A sweeping lawsuit that argues Florida failed to adequately fund its public education system should be amended so that the state’s support of voucher programs and charter schools can also be challenged, attorneys for … Continue reading

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High-Stakes Tests, English Language Learners and Florida Voucher Expansion

Tampa Tribune reporter Anastasia Dawson is emerging as one of Florida’s top education reporters. Even though FCAT was administered for the last time in March, Dawson writes how one vulnerable group still stands to be imperiled by the state’s end-all … Continue reading

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How Vouchers Killed Education Accountability for Florida Taxpayers

Writes Scott Maxwell in the Orlando Sentinel: “The Return of the Living Dead” was a hoot. “Shaun of the Dead” and “Zombieland” perfected the concept of Zom-Coms. And “Warm Bodies” — with its love story between a brain-eater and non-brain-eater … Continue reading

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The End to Step Up for Students Lobbying and Political Activity With Taxpayer Money: Not Exactly

Journalist turned Step Up for Students  (SUFS) executive Ron Matus is touting that they already have “started” applications for over 100,000 students for Florida’s tax credit scholarship voucher system.  Some sketchy counting got them in hot water during the last legislative session, … Continue reading

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Florida Teachers Union Urges Scott to Veto Voucher Expansion Bill

Governor Rick Scott saw what happened to Charlie Crist when he vetoed SB6, republicans first attempt at imposing a test-based teacher evaluation bill. There’s no chance Scott will veto voucher expansion. But the FEA is doing the right thing by … Continue reading

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