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Wisconsin Recount: Trump’s Outagamie County Problem

The commentary from Democrat friendly sites is predictably breathless: To accept this story from (Hortonville village clerk, Lynn) Mischkerm one would have to believe that the same error was made in four different counties, and that same error resulted in … Continue reading

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Trump-Bannon’s Machiavellian #NeverRomney Campaign

The Gingrich-Huckabee media assault on Mitt Romney was a little too savage and too coordinated for it not to be planned. Justifiably basking in glory of victory, blogger Sundance writes in The Last Refuge: Perhaps something worth considering amid all … Continue reading

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A Paragraph Detailing Some of Steve Bannon’s Own Spoken Words Should End Democrats Character Smear

Let’s catalog a few anti-Steve Bannon opinion piece from the last 24 hours: The Nation: Tell Congress: Fight the Appointment of Stephen Bannon Washington Post: Trump’s Embrace of Bannon Sparks Divisions, Angst Among Jewish Groups Slate: Is Donald Trump Steve … Continue reading

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Latest Hit Piece on Steve Bannon Sourced From George Soros Funded Group

While shrill accusations of racism and anti-Semitism were likely to flame out a some point, a paper trail of illegal behind-the-scenes payments to President-Elect Donald Trump’s lead strategist, Steve Bannon could easily prove fatal to his appointment. Writes Betsy Woodruff … Continue reading

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